National Parks Conservation Association/Los Angeles
Community Partners Youth in Wilderness Pilot Project

The Junior Rangers Program in Los Angeles was created when a group of young people from some of our community partner agencies came together at the libraries of Dorsey and Crenshaw High Schools. During these meetings the young people crafted a proposal and a program that they felt was needed in their community. The young people stressed family involvement in their camping trips and experiential learning opportunities at the park sites. The original grant was rewarded from the Sierra Club. Click here for more details.

The National Parks Youth Advisory Council

The NPYAC is made up young people from local Youth Leadership Councils that represents the opinions of young people regarding the outreach efforts and the various programs within the National Parks and the National Parks Conservation Association. The council will also ensure that the programs that are being created are relevant to young people. The Council was inspired by a workshop planned and conducted by our youth at the Mosaic Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Employment, Volunteering, and Internship Initiative
The purpose is to ensure that the diversity of America is reflected in the employment of the National Parks System and the conservation movement. We are looking to involve young people in various employment, volunteer, and internship opportunities. Today only 3.2 % of the NPS workforce is made up latino males and only 6.6% of African American males, a number that actually decreased by 1.3% in the last 3 years!

The Los Angeles branch of the NPYAC is T.H.E.F.L.A.B.A. Click here for more info on this dynamic group of young people.


Expo Rangers

The Expo Rangers (a youth program of Expo Neighbors Association, an LACP member) is a spinoff of the NPCA Junior Ranger Program (implemented by the LACP with funding from the Sierra Club Youth in Wilderness Foundation). In Spring 2002, National Park Service (NPS) officials at Manzanar National Historic Site confirmed an $18,000 PLC grant to perform a GPS survey and related site mitigation planning and implementation work. A few weeks later, NPS officials at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area confirmed a $17,000 PLC grant to perfom trail maintenance surveys and related field work. This program is a learning experience and job opportunity for students aged 16-26. Click here for more information.

More programs coming soon including:

  • Family Camping Opportunities
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Grant Opportunities
  • and more...